Monday, February 28, 2011

Some Good News...and Of Course Some Bad

I am not sure if I should start with the good news, or the bad...the bad really isn't that bad so I suppose I will start with that. The dream house that I spoke of in my earlier post is no longer available! Talk about a heartbreak! It was an amazing house in our budget and I could have really seen myself living there. It barely became available for rent, but as awesome as it was I am not surprised someone else scooped it up! Waaahhh!! I guess it just wasn't meant to be! I am definitely not going to obsessively look anymore at houses because there is no real point until we have official orders..not just hear say! Now on to the good news......

My OB called me today. I got a little freaked out when I saw the number calling...part of me didn't want to answer but I knew I would have to call back. She had called to tell me that all my lab results from 2 weeks ago were back, and to also let me know that I passed my 3hr glucose tolerance test (which I already knew because I stalked the nurse after it :o) Everything with my blood looks great!! I tested negative for all those weird diseases that you want to avoid and also I am NOT a carrier for cystic fibrosis!! I am so relieved to know that there is not some weird freaky infection going on and that there is no way Adalyn can have cystic fibrosis! Now just to sit and wait until the next ultrasound to see how her bowels look. I am praying everything has cleared up and it is not a blocked bowel!

Wait...what?? I started a blog?? Oh ya!

Haha leave it to me and my preggo brain to forget all about this lovely little blog! I am glad I didn't officially share it with anyone yet! A friend of mine started a blog and it reminded me of this one I have here. I really am going to try to keep up with it!! Let's see what's new in our house....

Well Jayden and Deren have OFFICIALLY reached the two and a half age mark. It is so hard for me to believe that it has already been 30 months since they forever changed my life by entering it! My babies are all grown up! Well kinda. We still have to tackle the dreaded potty training. Errr ummm....ahhhhh! Trying to get two energetic lively boys to use the potty is pretty interesting. Maybe we will have them trained by the time baby comes...fingers crossed on that one!!

Baby Adalyn is growing well. At our last ultrasound on February 14th (awww the day of love) showed that she had an echogenic bowel...whatever that means...right?!?! Apparently her bowels (you know the intestines and stuff) were glowing white just like bones do. That caused the doctor's some concern so we have to go back in a couple weeks to check it out again. I was told that it could be one of five things: 1. Absolutely nothing (fingers crossed this is what it is) 2. Cystic fibrosis (awaiting blood results to see if I am even a carrier) 3. I somehow came in contact with one of those weird pregnancy infections that is affecting her fluid intake 4. I had an interuterine hemmorage and Adalyn swallowed a little blood or 5. She has a blocked bowel (In the case of the blocked bowel they would deliver her prematurly to repair the problem so there are no long term effects. I am really hoping to avoid having a preemie. I am not really worried about it so much anymore because I trust that God will protect her and not throw anything at us we can't handle.

As many know we are moving....AGAIN! Anth is officially a winged NFO so it is almost time he joined the fleet! I have been obsessively looking at houses and I think I have found "the one!" It really doesn't do much good since we don't have orders...but hey...a girl can dream, right?!?! I am nervous and excited about moving all at the same time. It's not exactly like we are starting out fresh since we know a lot of people that are being sent there too! One of my closest friends that I have made is also moving there. (I just wish the other one was too!! Shout out to you Brittany!!) I am just sooo ready to get this move over with! It is hard to plan for baby when we don't even know where she is going to be born!! Gotta love this grand adventure we call life!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Rough day!!

Wellll today was a rough one to say the least! Deren had a fever earlier in the week and my greatest fear came true. Just as he was getting better, Jayden came down with whatever this illness is! I am not sure where these random colds are coming from, but I must say that I am not a fan! The last cold they got...over 2 weeks ago I might add...knocked me dead in my tracks! Being pregnant and sick is horrible! I am just barely getting over it, so hopefully I do not get this new cold.

On another, more adorable note, as Anthony was leaving for the store today, a very happy cute little boy (Deren) walked by me to say good-bye. In passing he yelled, "I love you daddy!" Then he turned to me as said, "I love my daddy." Aww those little things just melt me heart!!

That is about as exciting as my day was, maybe tomorrow will hold some big adventure that will allow me to be a good blogger :o) it goes!!

So I have officially decided to start a blog...well obviously! I figured it would be a great way to document the awesome happenings in my life. Life just seems to keep speeding by! Jayden and Deren are already almost two and a half and I am less than 16 weeks away from my due date with Baby Adalyn! It is so crazy too look at the crazy roller coaster that has been my life the last few years. Things have ended up almost perfect and I wouldn't change anything!! I am not sure anyone will really end up reading this, but that's fine :0) This is more for me anyway!!