Friday, February 4, 2011

Rough day!!

Wellll today was a rough one to say the least! Deren had a fever earlier in the week and my greatest fear came true. Just as he was getting better, Jayden came down with whatever this illness is! I am not sure where these random colds are coming from, but I must say that I am not a fan! The last cold they got...over 2 weeks ago I might add...knocked me dead in my tracks! Being pregnant and sick is horrible! I am just barely getting over it, so hopefully I do not get this new cold.

On another, more adorable note, as Anthony was leaving for the store today, a very happy cute little boy (Deren) walked by me to say good-bye. In passing he yelled, "I love you daddy!" Then he turned to me as said, "I love my daddy." Aww those little things just melt me heart!!

That is about as exciting as my day was, maybe tomorrow will hold some big adventure that will allow me to be a good blogger :o)

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