Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh DITY move...you will be the death of me!

It seems as though every time we get one thing figured out for this move something else creeps it's way in and makes me stress out! We decided to do a DITY move...which is now called a PPM (personally procured move) which basically means we will be moving ourselves, not having a moving company do it. We decided to do this because we don't have much time before hubby leaves so we need our stuff to arrive when we do! None of this waiting for 2 weeks or more until it can get there. Well this type of move the military gives us some money upfront instead of paying a moving company. When I first budgeted I thought to myself, "The truck and tow hitch will be about $2500 and gas for both cars plus hotels and stuff will be another $1000....oh we can do this easily." Well I COMPLETELY underestimated how much gas for a 20 foot moving truck towing a car is going to take! As of now we are looking at a little over $8000 for the moving truck, gas in both vehicles, hotels, food, deposit on our new house, and other things along the way. HOLY CRAP!! That is a lot of money! We will be able to make due with savings and stuff but it is still going to be painful paying all that money...I am hoping that we get it all back plus more! I am so ready to get this dang move over with and be set up in the house! We are going to get packing materials sometime this week so I can slowly start packing things up. I am pretty sure I will start with the closet since we all know I don't fit in my clothes! Haha I am as big as a house these days!! This road trip is going to be just grand!! **GULP**

Monday, March 7, 2011

It's official....we're moving!!!

Welp...we officially got orders on Friday! I am relieved to finally know what is going to happen, but stressed at all the things that need to get done! We will be leaving Jacksonville on the 1st of April and making the cross country drive up to Washington (we will be going through NM and CO to see our families at least!! Yay) I have about 3 weeks and 4 days to get everything ready to go. I think that we found the house we want to rent, now it is just a matter of getting that all settled...as long as it has good bathrooms and a HUGE walk-in closet I am 100% sold! The house has a nice backyard with a deck and a...wait for it....wait for it... HOT TUB!! Wooo hooo!! I am a little worried about having grass, seeing as I have never mowed a lawn in my life. EEEKKK! Anthony is going to have to teach me how to do it before he leaves, or else we're not gonna have such a great looking outside lol. Maybe I will get lucky and there will be some 12 year old kid that puts signs up every week about his lawn cutting business...fingers crossed on that one! I might also need a pool boy to take care of that hot tub...maybe not...it can't be that hard...right?!?! Well now that I have gotten the fun stuff outta the way, lets move on to the stressful stuff!

About 9 days after we get to WA the hubby has to leave for about 20 days...who's counting right?? The lovely thing about that is that he will be gone while I am 35-38.5 weeks pregnant. Just lovely! I am worried I am going to go into labor and 1. have to try to drive myself to the hospital with J&D or 2. I have this little girl on the kitchen floor. HA! I know that is not likely to happen but still, I do not know a single person there! I am trying to make arrangements to insure that I will have at least a couple people there in case something happens. I never really thought we would be leaving here until after Adalyn was born. I even signed up for all the classes to take in April. Now we have the issue of trying to find a new doctor! I will be just about 34 weeks pregnant when we arrive, so I will need one asap! I have not heard great things about the Naval Hospital there, and there is a VBAC ban in every single hospital on that island! I already have chosen the hospital I want to deliver at, and have looked it up to make sure that it is on the accepted facilities list, but now I just have to make it happen. I am sooo not going to get forced into another c-section! I HAD to have one with the boys, and if it is not 100% medically necessary this time around I am not doing it...flat out! Looks like I have quite a few phone calls to make today!!

On another note...Jayden and Deren are officially no longer "sucky" dependent when they go to sleep! We cut the tips off their pacifiers last monday and it really only took a couple days for them to just stop asking completely. If they do ask for a sucky they get the ones with the tips cut off, so they throw them across the room. Now I just have to figure out potty training! How that is going to work I have no clue! We just started to really get them in the bathroom more, but now with moving then Anth being gone, plus Adalyn due soon, I feel as though they will never get potty trained! I know they will do it when they are ready, but that doesn't seem to be anytime soon! They are 100% content in diapers no matter what we try to bribe them with! Oh well...as long as they are potty trained by college! HAHA!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Where is this year going?!?!

I cannot believe it is already March! What the heck happened to January and February! I swear we were just celebrating Christmas and New Years. Life just seems to be flying by quicker and quicker everyday! I have been super exhausted the last few days! With Jayden and Deren being two and a half (officially) we decided to cut their suckies (pacifiers as they are known by the rest of the world!) so they don't want them anymore. It has been a process to say the least. They had a really hard time going to sleep the first night, but last night was a little easier and they slept almost all through the night. I was so exhausted I had one of those nights of sleep where you just pass out and don't move. Woooo weeee my body is sore from it today! Who knew that sleeping could make you feel like you worked out?!?! I think I will forever skip the gym from now on and just sleep weird...same thing right?!?!

On another note, I am 28 weeks today!!! 9 weeks away from full term, and 12 weeks away from my due date! The reality of this whole pregnancy and bringing this precious little girl into the world totally hit me yesterday at my 28 week appointment. I spoke with my doctor about my plans for a natural VBAC (which she is super supportive of!!) then after my appointment I had to head up to admitting to fill out my admission paperwork. ALREADY!! I remember doing that at 28 weeks with the boys also. Crazy how quick this is going! Baby girl is doing great in there. Her heart rate was low 140s- high 130s and my uterus is measuring right on track....even though I am HUGE!! Adalyn has flipped head down and snuggled waaaayyy down there!! No wonder I have been feeling immense amounts of pressure! The way my bladder has been feeling, the uncontrollable peeing while laughing, sneezing, coughing, walking, just basically doing anything cannot be far away. Lovely!! Just lovely! Small price to pay though :-) Well that is about as exciting as this day has been!! I am off to go hunt grizzly bears! Baha! Just kidding!