Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh DITY move...you will be the death of me!

It seems as though every time we get one thing figured out for this move something else creeps it's way in and makes me stress out! We decided to do a DITY move...which is now called a PPM (personally procured move) which basically means we will be moving ourselves, not having a moving company do it. We decided to do this because we don't have much time before hubby leaves so we need our stuff to arrive when we do! None of this waiting for 2 weeks or more until it can get there. Well this type of move the military gives us some money upfront instead of paying a moving company. When I first budgeted I thought to myself, "The truck and tow hitch will be about $2500 and gas for both cars plus hotels and stuff will be another $1000....oh we can do this easily." Well I COMPLETELY underestimated how much gas for a 20 foot moving truck towing a car is going to take! As of now we are looking at a little over $8000 for the moving truck, gas in both vehicles, hotels, food, deposit on our new house, and other things along the way. HOLY CRAP!! That is a lot of money! We will be able to make due with savings and stuff but it is still going to be painful paying all that money...I am hoping that we get it all back plus more! I am so ready to get this dang move over with and be set up in the house! We are going to get packing materials sometime this week so I can slowly start packing things up. I am pretty sure I will start with the closet since we all know I don't fit in my clothes! Haha I am as big as a house these days!! This road trip is going to be just grand!! **GULP**

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  1. I moved from Oregon to Louisiana on about $1500. We left a LOT of stuff behind lol. I can't imagine all the furniture you have to move! I hope it's a smooth trip and you guys make it all in one piece!