Friday, April 15, 2011

This is going to be a long one...

Well it's safe to say that I am a terrible blogger! Lol our lives prove more and more eventful every single day! I ended up successfully planning our move. We signed the lease on a beautiful 4 bedroom, 3 bath home and cannot wait to move in! It was pretty sad leaving our friends in jax not knowing when we will see them again. I know that is the military life, but it is still rough! I have made some great friends on this journey of being a Navy wife that I know will be in my life forever! The road trip across country was fun and eventful to say the least (Of course it was eventful....3600 miles, 8 months pregnant, 2 years old could it not be!!) Here is a run down on the last 2 weeks:

So we stayed on base the last night we were in JAX since we were all moved out of our house and wanted to be able to get up and go in the morning. Well it took Anth a little longer to check out then I anticipated, so we got a late start to our first leg. The moving truck ended up getting blocked in by some cars, so that took a good hour to get it out. It was pretty stressful! Then once we finally got outta JAX we stopped at a truck stop to fuel up. Well Anth had to use the big diesel pumps and I obviously use the regular ones. Well as I was ushering the boys back to the car after diaper changes I noticed Deren kicking some dirt. I didn't think much of it because well he is a little boy and little boys are drawn to dirt! When I walked over to where he was I noticed it wasn't dirt at was a baby red ant hill! Needless to say I freaked out and had to brush all the little ants off of him. Luckily I noticed it in time and he only had a couple of little bites. I was still upset and of course called my mom in tears! We drove for a good 4 hours after that and decided to stop for lunch at a Whataburger. Anth decided to join us and I told him, "Make sure you turn and park in the gas station before the Whataburger." Well there was a big truck blocking that entrance so he ended up turning into a parking lot after the Whataburger. It didn't go through, so here we were with the truck stuck again! It would have been easy to get out had it not been towing the Mustang! Ever tried backing a 26 foot moving truck towing a car out of a small parking lot?? Ya, not the easiest thing to do. Luckily we found some guys that were able to help us get it outta there. Thank goodness for the kidness of strangers, or else I think we would still be stuck there today lol. We FINALLY got to Baton Rouge, LA (our first stop) at around 10 pm. I drove ahead of Anth to the hotel that we had booked (it looked really nice online) to make sure it was decent and he would be able to get the moving truck in there. Well needless to say the hotel looked nice, but the surrounding area was very sketchy! The thing that gave me a red flag was the bail bond place that shared a parking lot! Haha so I call Anth to tell him that I did not feel comfortable there and to meet me at the Hilton a little ways away. We get to the Hilton and there is one room left! Fate?? Possibly. The hotel was super nice and I slept great! Anth went down around 8 the next morning to load everything in the car only to find out that someone had broken in over the night and stolen our gps, dvd player, box of snacks, Coach diaper bag, and a duffle bag full of Jayden and Deren's clothes. We called the police to do a report and they said there is an area with a drug problem not far from our hotel, so it was probably a "crackhead" (as he said) especially since they took our snacks. I felt totally violated and devastated that someone could do that to us! I cried...a lot...then I suddenly had a revelation. I realized that certain things happen in our lives to make us appreciate what we have. In a very strange way I suddenly felt closer to God and my family! I am so thankful that Anth stayed so strong for me this whole time. Preggo hormones? Maybe...but I am glad those first few days of the road trip happened because it has given me more faith and a deeper love for my wonderful husband!!

That was all the first couple days of travel! That second day we made it to Wichita Falls, TX, then on to ABQ where we got to see my family for a couple days. After that we headed off to Loveland to visit Anth's family. Once we were all done there, our next stop was Ogden, UT then Pendleton, OR. We left Pendleton on Sunday morning and were at our new house by 3 pm! We had some unloading help come (best money I think I have ever spent in my life lol) at 4 and the whole truck was unloaded by 5:30! I was able to get a ton of energy and I had the whole house set up (I am talking pictures on the walls, etc.) by Tuesday! It feels great to finally be settled into a place where we will be for 3 years....3 years!! 3 whole years until I have to move again! Can you tell I am excited about that?? That was the 3rd move for us in the last 2 years, so it is VERY nice to feel settled! I was able to spend the last couple of days getting everything ready for the arrival of our baby girl, so now her room is set up too! We still need a crib, but that can wait seeing as she has a bassinet and will be sleeping in that for a little while. I did all the insurance stuff and got everyone new PCMs on Monday so it's nice to have that taken care of. I had an OB appointment at the NH yesterday, but it was more just so I could get my referral out to a civilian so I can have my very important VBAC! Once that is approved I will get to start seeing the doctor that will be the one to deliver me. I am so glad and thankful that this moving journey has come to an end! It was a lot of fun (although it had it's ups and downs!) and I was a little sad that the road trip came to an end. Jayden and Deren were the best travel companions and we had a lot of fun singing songs and pointing out different things on the road. Life is such an adventure and I am so thankful for the one I have been given!! Much love to everyone!


  1. You are a strong woman !!not alot of moms could drive cross country while pregnant & caring for toddlers! U should be so proud of yourself!!! :)

  2. Thanks Amy!! I feel pretty accomplished :o) It feels good knowing I did it lol